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Are you troubled by a problem or concerned by feelings that seems part of you and yet outside of your control?

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Are you looking for a method you can use to help you achieve a natural and comfortable childbirth?

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From very early in our lives we women are taught in a variety of ways that the process of childbirth is painful and traumatic. Once pregnant we are bombarded with information from family, friends and the medical profession, much of which is confusing and frightening. This can make it very easy to feel just an insignificant part of the process, out of control, vulnerable and scared. The reality is that childbirth is a very natural event, and pregnancy should ideally be a time to enjoy the developing bond with your baby, and a relaxed excitement about the process of the birth itself. As a mother myself I know how overwhelming pregnancy and childbirth can be, and also how great it feels to be calm, relaxed and feeling completely in charge of your labour.

Hypnotherapy can help by giving you the ability to reduce pain, fear and anxiety whilst in labour, creating a calmer experience, and a more relaxed baby. Additionally, hypnotherapy has been found to be useful during pregnancy to assist with alleviating emotional and physical discomfort. Hypnosis For Childbirth (UK) has been designed by Dr David Kato, to promote a structured approach to achieving the full benefit for labour, whilst at the same time taking into consideration the uniqueness of the individual.

Advantages of using hypnosis during childbirth

  • Safer, more effective method - fewer interventions are needed and fewer complications occur
  • Reduces labour time - tension is reduced and so resistance to the birthing muscles
  • Fewer drugs (if any) required - lowering the risk of side effects on mother and baby
  • A less exhausted mother after birth - making the early bonding time much more enjoyable
  • A much less stressed baby following shorter labour - fewer drugs and less anxiety in the mother
  • A calmer birthing experience

What Happens?

Although the process of pregnancy and childbirth is natural, every woman is different, and will have her own experience, both physically and emotionally. Therefore, by taking into account the pregnancy history and stated hopes, treatment is tailored to individual needs. This way I can offer a service ideal for each individual. Providing there are no special requirements for earlier treatment, the first session usually takes place at around the 32nd week of pregnancy. Over 4 sessions at weekly intervals, you will learn all that is needed to achieve a comfortable, more enjoyable birth experience. As part of the course, I provide CD's to listen to both at home and through your labour.

Please telephone for more information, and to find out how this remarkable technique can help you.