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Stop Smoking

Recent studies in the UK suggest that the majority of smokers would like to give up, yet believe they have difficulty in doing so.

A few reasons to give up

  • One in two long-term smokers will die prematurely as a result of smoking - half of these in middle age
  • The most recent estimates show that around 114,000 people in the UK are killed by smoking every year, accounting for one fifth of all UK deaths
  • Smoking makes you smell
  • Financial - 20 a day will cost you around £1,750 per year
  • Smoking decreases your fitness level and stamina
  • Smoking affects fertility
  • Smoking affects sexual performance in men

What are your reasons?

Every smoker knows of the physical addiction to nicotine, and is prepared to deal with possible physical withdrawal symptoms. However, few consider or understand the emotional ‘addiction’ or reliance that they have on cigarettes, so that, despite their best intentions and a strong desire to become a non smoker, they cannot achieve this, even with the help of nicotine substitutes.

In 1993, New Scientist magazine published a study which compared many different aids and therapies to stop smoking.

Hypnosis was found to be the most effective way to stop successfully

What happens?

My stop-smoking system has been developed over several years to try to address all aspects of giving up smoking and to make the process as easy and successful as possible. The session lasts approximately two hours, during which we look at coping with physical withdrawal symptoms; coping with the change in habit; and challenging the way that you have viewed cigarettes as being helpful in your life. Finally, hypnosis is used to reinforce your decision and help you to make the positive change. Most people find that they give up after this session easily, however a small percentage of clients may find a second session of one hour useful. If required, the second session is used to complete the process by addressing any problems that have been encountered and using further hypnosis to address any unconscious resistance which may be causing problems.

So is it for me?

Yes! It doesn’t matter whether you are 18 or 80, or how many or few you smoke. If you are really keen to stop smoking, and looking for a way to make it as easy and pain-free as possible, Hypnosis is your perfect choice. It is a natural, comfortable and gentle way to achieve the change you are looking for - simply to allow smoking to become an unimportant former habit! If you have any further queries, I am always happy to answer emails, or have a chat on the phone.